Summer tango weekend 17-19.07.2020

Baltic bubble works!
We are very happy to announce that after several weeks with very light measures Lithuania has almost no new cases of Covid. Situation is very mild and not growing.
Lithuania is accepting people from 28 countries without self isolation period.
From the first of July government of Lithuania has allowed indoor events up to 200 participants.

So as promised before, we decided to use that safe possibility and here The organizers of Vilnius Tango Marathons are happy to announce

date July 17 -19
Registration starts Sunday June 21 at 14 00 Vilnius Time.
We offer 5 milongas, nice company and safe communication.
Polish house Vilnius
Gender balanced event. Registering single and in couples are welcome.
Single followers are welcome, but we will search for a partner.

Safety measures
Organizers will follow all medical safety requirements issued by Lithuanian ministry of health.

Price 50 Eur.
We will provide free water small snacks.
We offer the possibility to dance and sleep in the same building.
Hotel Ponas Tadas will accept bookings from only registered participants.

The venue of the event is "The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius"



All marathon milongas will be at The Polish House of Culture in Vilnius

Naugarduko str. 76, Vilnius, Lietuva

July 17, Friday

20:00–01:00 - DJ Igoris Saburov  (LT)

July 18, Saturday

16:00–20:00 - DJ Olga Makhno (RU-LT)
22:00–02:00 - DG El Espejero (CAN)

July 19, Sunday

14:00–18:00 - DJ Asya Černolutskaya (RU-LT)
21:00–01:00 - DJ Vincent van 't Laar (IT-NL)


Post Scriptum


Where to stay

Hotel "Ponas Tadas"

Naugarduko g. 76, Vilnius

If you want to stay at Polish House hotel (the same with milonga location) you should hurry up because of limit amount of rooms. Make your booking by sending your reservation request by e-mail: with promo code. This promo code you can get after your payment in final confirmation letter from organizers.

Standard rooms:
TWIN room - € 44 per night
Room for 3 persons - € 54 per night
Room for 4 persons - € 68 per night
Delux room (1 large bed) - € 48 per night
Attic rooms:
Single - € 32 per night
TWIN - € 42 per night
Room for 3 persons - € 51 per night
Room for 4 persons - € 64 per night
Breakfast and VAT are included in the price. City tax is 1 euro per night from 1 persons is not included in the price and should be paid at hotel.

The special offer is valid - 17.07 - 20.07.2020

You can also use if you prefer to live at apartment