Registration for the marathon is mandatory.

Registration is possible only by registering at this page. Clicking „I am going” on Facebook will not be considered as a registration. We kindly ask you - do not book the hotel and flights before you receive the final confirmation of a participation.

Separate entrance tickets to milongas will not be available. You can register both as a single dancer or as a couple (follower + leader).

Dear followers!

Registration with a leader increases your chance of a participation. We encourage couple registrations.

If you register as a couple, registration applications of both dancers must be submitted separately. Please note, you cannot apply with a dancer whose solo registration has been accepted already.

The role balance is guaranteed. Therefore, the registration of leaders/followers may be stopped at any time. Also, the rule “first come, first IN” is not a priority. We do accept both single registrations and couple registrations. The event is role-balanced, which means that true double-rolers are more than welcome. Important! A lady who is a beginner in leading and dances most of the tandas as a follower will not be considered a double-roler. The same works for leaders.

The acceptance is based on a combination of criteria such as dance experience, country and so on. We need to consider a lot of parameters to get a good mix of people and to keep a balance at the marathon! To enjoy the marathon fully, we strongly recommend to have at least 3 years of REGULAR social tango experience and attended tango marathons / encuentros on the regular basis. We might ask you or other dancers about previous tango events attended and your tango experience.

Marathons both in Vilnius and Riga are international tango events. It means we have not less than 70% foreigners and not more than 30% from the country hosting the marathon. We do not split couple registrations except one case - if one of the dancers doesn't have sufficient dance experience.

We do not communicate the reasons for admittance or refusal of your participation or participation of other dancers.

The marathon fee does not include preparty and afterparty (on Monday), accommodation, travel costs and money transfer costs.

After the registration:
You will receive an automatic email, which means that we received your application (if you don’t receive the email, please, check the SPAM folder or contact us). It is NOT the final confirmation of your participation in the marathon.

After the registration we should accumulate your applications. We start to send the answers after certain date, mentioned in the registration form (and within 15 days if you apply after this certain date). The letter from organizers will inform you, whether your application is accepted, or you are in a waiting list.

In case you’re IN, you will get an information for the payment. Important! To finish the registration, you should make a payment and receive a FINAL confirmation letter from the organizers. And same after payment by both participants, if you register as a couple. If someone from the couple doesn’t pay, the other participant of this couple should offer another dancer or will be moved to the waiting list. If you don’t pay in time, you will be relocated to the waiting list.

Please don't be upset if you receive waiting list notification. There is always a chance to get in, if someone doesn’t pay in time or cancels a participation.

Cancellation of a registration:
All confirmed acceptance fees paid to the marathon are neither refundable, nor transferable to another dancer without agreement with the organizers, nor transferable to future events if participants can't come by their personal reasons.

If one of the participants, who registered as a couple, cancels his/her registration, the other dancer's registration will be transferred to the waiting list, regardless of whether payment has been made or not.

The decision to participate in the marathon is the personal responsibility of the participant.
During the marathon the organizers will follow all sanitary requirements.
The participant agrees that if he/she gets any disease on the dates of the marathon, the organizers do not bear any responsibility for this.

GDPR Privacy Policy:

All your personal data, collected during the registration, will be exclusively used to identify and contact you for current or future events. It is important to acknowledge, that this event explicitly allows videos and photographs of the participants being taken for social media sharing and tagging. There might be an official event photographer, but there can also be other participants taking pictures or videos. If you don’t like these circumstances and proceedings, we strongly advise you not to participate!

Organizer is Argentinietiško tango asociacija.